Thursday, June 4, 2020
Wrinkles & Fine Lines

  How many of us peer anxiously into the bathroom mirror every day. We agonise about every new fine line we find.

Occasionally we look and say ‘Not bad girl. Not bad’………Those are the good days!

What causes these fine lines and sometimes deeper wrinkles? Can we do anything to stop them? To repair them?

Well yes we can. We can help to minimise them and hold off the test of time.

Firstly …Fine Lines

  By the time we are 25 our skin starts to age. Indeed, by the time we are 35 our skin has lost half the natural moisture in our skin cells. An oily skin is fortunate – although most women suffering the daily struggle against shiny skin and those damning spots would find the term ‘fortunate’ laughable. However, an oily skin does not age as quickly as a dry skin. Looked after carefully, all skin types can keep the signs of ageing at bay.   
  A good test of how this works is to give the back of one hand a quick facial. Cleanse, scrub, tone and moisturise. Now compare the backs of your two hands. See the fine lines disappear in the hand you have just given the facial to? Pinch up the skin between the bottom of your thumb and your index finger. See how quickly the skin jumps back into place on the hand you have done compared to the hand that did not get the facial. That, in this most basic form, shows you how a basic skin care routine will help.It’s never too late to start looking after your skin. As a living organ which renews itself every four weeks, we can always improve the look and feel of our skin. Which leads us to………  

As we age the natural collagen and elastin in our skin starts to break down. Weather, environment, hormones, genetics all add to this. Think about a mattress. When brand new it is firm and supportive but over the years it gets a bit bumpy and lumpy in places. This is what happens to our skin. The natural collagen and elastin need boosting to re-firm the skin.

oriflame ecollagen range

Oriflame’s  ECollagen  range is superb. Used to both prevent and treat fine wrinkles, the range is suitable for all skin types (there is even an Ecollagen Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream Light for those with an oily combination or oily skin!) The range has everything you will need from cleanser and toner to Treat yourself. You both need and deserve its serums - a joy to use and a great boost to your day and / or night cream.

  Normally collagen in cosmetics comes from the hide of cows. However, Oriflame do not use animal by-products (or test on animals!) They have developed a Plant Stem Cell Extract to fight wrinkles from the inside out – a pseudo collagen.  It works! It gives you a smoother, younger looking skin  
Bioclinic Lifting Power Concentrate Day  Other  Oriflame products developed to help fight lines and wrinkles are :

Optimals Smooth Out Day, Night and Eye Cream

Bioclinic Lifting Power Concentrate  Day and Bioclinic Lifting Super Rich Repair Night

Most importantly – remember to use a good skin care routine and especially your night cream. Think how a dried prune looks? And after it has been soaked overnight?

Say Goodbye to those daily scrutinising mirror checks and say ‘Looking good today girl!!

 Bioclinic Lifting Super Rich Repair Night


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