Thursday, June 4, 2020

It's not surprising that this is the first Embarrassing Skin problem I tackle and it's not surprising that the photo is of a child.

Sometimes - as in my case - eczema starts very early - infantile eczema. Often children grow out of it.  However many, many moons later, it still affects me.

The itch - that is the main challenge. It is all very well to say 'don't scratch' It is virtually impossible not to. So to soothe the itch is so important. I have found , both for myself and my grandson when he was a baby, that applying Oriflame Beauty All-over  Make-up Remover code 22860 and letting it dry seems to work really well. Swedish Spa Beauty Wonder Oil code 18765 is also excellent for eczema.

Eczema and dry skin seem to go together so it is important to not let it dry out even more. Soap is a definite 'no no'.  Oriflame's shower and bathing products are all soap-free as well as  all being gentle low-allergy. For hands try the Mandarin and Tea Tree Hand Wash code 23412 or the Milk and Honey Hand Wash  code 15578- both so effective and gentle (oh, and remember to carry the Mandarin and Tea Tree Hand Gel code 23644 in your handbag) The Baby Care Range is perfect for tiny sensitive skins. Happy Skin provides the soothing moisture that dry skins need, be they young or paper-thin maturer.

As a teenager, I suffered badly with eczema on my face. Embarassing? Just a bit! My skin used to shed and flake constantly. When i was a new mum in my twenties I ‘found’ Oriflame. The joy! At last I had found a skin care range that would control these outward signs. At last I could wear make-up that would not cause allergic reactions; mascara that didn't give me itchy eyes.  No longer did I wash my face (although I had stopped using soap when I was 10) - a fact that led to the discovery in later years that I am actually allergic to the chlorine in the water to purify it. Out went long baths and in came speedy showers! 

Anyone with eczema will tell you that trying to find the triggers that set off the itch, scratch, itch cycle are different for almost everyone and also varied; food allergies, heat. cold, sudden changes in temperature, dust,  stress ... most  are guilty to some degree.

I have just considered myself so lucky to have found 'Saint' Oriflame - the product that makes my skin look and feel normal. I was amazed a few years after I started selling Oriflame to discover that the Consultant of Dermatology in the main hospital for our area had started sending his patients to us as he saw such vast improvements in the patients who were using Oriflame.

I know that at this late date, I have eczema for life. Oriflame has not stopped my use of steroid creams, but it has certainly reduced their usage and my skin both looks and feels normal.

I do hope that this helps. If you need more info then send an email to

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