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Oriflame Skin Care

Oriflame Skin Care
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Cleansers & Toners
Oriflame Cleansers & Toners

You know all about cleansers and toners.

That's great! However, if you are a soap and water fan - spare a moment to think it through.

When you lie in the bath with a glass of wine, candles and a good book your body does not absorb 5 stone in water!

In fact the only place that will absorb the water is the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet. They get that crinkly look  (wouldn't look good on your face at all). That is because our bodies are waterproof. Soap and water just won't do anything but remove the top surface of daily grime from your skin while drying it out and that just isn't good enough.

Long term lines and wrinkles await!

Our skin is covered in pores and these pores go down through all the different layers.  Five in the Epidermis - the bit you can see. The Dermis where the new skin cells are formed. The Subcutaneous layer - the fatty layer which gives your skin contour. These pores are pear shaped and every day get blocked by dead skin cells, pollution, extra oil, make-up and so on.

Cleansers are specially formulated to gently relax the pore and act like a magnet to draw out these impurities. Toners then rinse out any excess cleanser and tighten the pore.

Once upon a skin care time ago, you had to use both cleansers and toners and you will find in lots of our ranges that that is still the case, However, there are now cleansers which do 3-in-1 steps at once.  Quickly and easily. There are also facial washes if you really can't bear the feeling of not washing your face. All are soap free! (no perfumed mutton fat here or caustic - the thing you clean your oven with!)

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 Oriflame Day Creams - Moisturisers

Daily Creams - Moisturisers

Why should you use a moisturiser every day?

Imagine you have made a sandwich and then left it lying out for 12 hours without covering it. Yeuch. Dry and tasteless. Curling up at the corners. And so you wrap it in cling film and 12 hours later it is as fresh as when you made it. That's why you should  use a moisturiser.

Now I'm going to talk about Night Creams in the next bit and really the two go together, Moisturisers and Night cream.

You see Moisturiser is the invisible cling film that keeps in the moisture and important nourishment that is replaced by your night cream while you sleep. If you don't use a moisturiser, daily pressures will just make that moisture vanish.

 Don't believe me? Think about hanging up your wet washing to dry. Where does all the moisture go?

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Night Creams
 Oriflame Eye Cream

OK, I use a moisturiser every day. I could just use that at night too - Yes?


Night Cream is the single most important part of any woman's skin care routine. Every one of us is born with skin that is full of moisture. In fact our skin cells are like nice juicy  plums, every cell full of about 80% moisture. By the time we get to 35 we have lost at least half of  that moisture. Daily living, weather, central heating, aging have all taken their toll. In time our lovely juicy plums will resemble prunes. Now, great granny used to soak prunes overnight and they would absorb the moisture and by morning would resemble plums again. That's what happens when we use night cream. When we sleep, our pores relax and will accept a more nourishing cream. Every skin cell is surrounded by a layer of goodness  and moisture and plumps up, re-juvenates and helps us to avoid fine lines and wrinkles. During the day, you seal all that moisture in with your daily moisturiser. Night creams are not heavy greasy creams. They are lightweight and absorbed almost immediately. Keep it by your bed.  Use it every night - no matter how hard you've partied!

The most IMPORTANT part of any woman's skin care

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Eye Creams

 oriflame Eye Products

The eyes are the window of the soul!

The skin around your eyes is the second most delicate area of skin on your body (the first, I'll leave to your imagination!)

It shows your life. Too many late nights and partying leads to puffy eyes. Driving in bright light without sunglasses leads to fine lines at the outer edge of your eyes as does just screwing up your eyes. (Our mothers used to call those - crow's feet!) Frowning leads to lines between your eyes at the top of your nose. Insufficient moisturising leads to dry and delicate eyelids which often cause eye -make-up reactions.

The solution? Eyecream - daily. 

You use just a tiny amount around each eye. Use your ring finger to apply as you exert the least pressure with this finger.  Apply from the outer corner of your eye in towards your nose in a cvery gentle circular movement around the eye.

Even if you already have some fine lines and wrinkles around your eye you will improve the skin condition and soften any lines. Your skin renews itself every 28 days or so and therefore it is never too late to start looking after it.

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Face Masks & Scrubs
 Oriflame Love Nature Peel-off Mask

Face Masks and Scrubs

Let’s start with Scrubs. Our skin renews itself every 28 days or so. It's cycle is very much linked with your hormones. New skin cells form in the basal layer of your skin. They then start moving upwards through the 5 layers of the epidermis. Like an escalator. They are actually dying and getting flatter as they reach the surface. Sometimes your skin even looks dull and tired .They need to be exfoliated with a scrub to leave you with glowing skin again. This should be done at least once a week. (Oily skin will benefit from twice a week)

Similarly you should use a face mask once or twice a week. I always think that using a face mask is a little bit like housework! Every day you Vacuum your carpets or sweep the parquet. Then once-a-week you play with all the attachments that came with your hoover and go into all the edges and corners! Face mask! Every day you cleanse your skin and then once or twice a week you give it a deep cleanse. (That’s when the postman comes to the door). Apply your mask and have a cup of coffee or glass of wine. Wait 10 minutes and then rinse off. Avoid your eyes and lips. If it is a peel-off mask, then you have to apply this quite thickly and leave it to dry completely or it will not peel off easily. (Peel-off is best not used on a dry skin but it is fun to try!)

Click here for scrubs and face masks - Fun!

Spoil Yourself
 Oriflame Spoil Yourself Products

Spoil yourself! You, yes you! You deserve it!

A wise lady once explained to me that the average woman spends over £250 a year on products to clean her house. Just take a look in your cleaning cupboard. It costs less than that to really look after your skin. As she said, her husband /lover/ partner doesn't want to come home to make love to the net curtains!

What are these spoil yourself products?

Serums - Reasonably new to Skin Care ranges. I can't say that they are essential but what a treat. They boost the effects of your moisturiser and night cream. You really see and feel the difference and you won't want to stop using them.

Capsules. - Similar to serums but in an easy to use capsule full of rich oils and vitamins to revitalise your skin.

Click here - prepare to be spoiled - you deserve it.

 Oriflame Brands

Brands. Confusing. Which one should you use?

Once upon a skin care time, all Oriflame skin care came in pink pots (the only one now is the dinky,  iconic Tender Care). In fact, although Oriflame do many products all of which are low allergy, only tested on human volunteers  and based on natural ingredients - the best of science and nature, their reputation is built on their skin care.

So which products are best for you?

Well some are age related, some skin related and some are price related. All are brilliant.  I'll try to help here but ultimately the choice will be yours. Remember though that  all Oriflame products come with a full guarantee . This means that you can buy with peace of mind as you can have a full refund (within 3 months of purchase) if the product you have chosen doesn't suit or you can have an exchange for another product. All Oriflame is low allergy and very high quality. The products are researched and developed in Oriflame's centre just outside Dublin (fascinating - I've been there) and are then manufactured in one of four of Oriflame's global factories. This keeps the price down for you, our customer, as there is no 'middle' man and without compromising excellent, top quality products.

Click a brand below to see the range of products

Love Nature   - An inexpensive range  suitable for all ages  and based on each skin type.

Optimals   - Oriflame's 'core' range. From age 20+ . Based on skin type and specific challenges.

Pure Skin - For problem skin . Mainly teenage and men.

Diamond Cellular - For age 40+. Luxury range containing genuine diamond powder.

NovAge ECollagen - For age 35+. A unique anti-aging, anti-wrinkle range based on plant stem cell technology.

NovAge Skin Perfection - For age 20+ - 11x more radiant skin. Combat stress and partying!

NovAge Bright Sublime - For all ages - Diminishes dark spots by up to 50%

NovAge Ultimate Lift - For age 40+ - 70% more bounce in 12 weeks. Years younger skin

NovAge Time Restore - For age 50+ - More elasticity and nourishment for mature skin. Turn back the clock!

Royal Velvet - For age 40+  A luxury range. (In my opinion  the closest comparison to Clarins.)

Milk and Honey - Excellent mid-price range for all ages and skin types but especially dry skin.

NovAge Man - For all ages.-A complete energising age-defence solution

North for Men - Skin care for the man in your life - Essential -he needs it too! Spoil him.

Embarrassing Skin Problems

 Embarrassing Skin Problems

Embarrassing Skin Problems

Now this section is written from years of personal experience working with Oriflame and their products. I am not a doctor (as you can see from my photo) however after more than twenty years of helping and advising, I personally have found many of Oriflame's creams can help to improve various skin troubles.  In fact , I myself have suffered from eczema and sensitive skin since I was a child. A constantly-fruitless search for a solution eventually led me to Oriflame and their products. My eczema has not gone but is now well under control with no embarrassing signs and only very ocassional facial flare-ups .

It is rarely that you will ever find any Oriflame claims  in helping a lot of these problems.

This is because Oriflame is a cosmetic company and not a pharmaceutical company. However. all their products are low allergy and have gone through rigorous testing on human volunteers under dermatological and , when appropriate, gynecological testing conditions.

So whether your problem is simple spots, eczema, acne or another, you will hopefully find help here. If your embarrassing skin problem is not listed, then please drop us an email and we will try to advise you.

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