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Oriflame Frequently Asked Questions

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 Q. I haven't seen or used Oriflame for years. Has it changed?

A. Oh yes!  Still low-allergy, (very) high quality and brilliantly priced products for the quality too. Oriflame still develop and manufacture their own products - they now have five factories - this, of course, keeps the price down for you, the customer without compromising quality. Oriflame is now sold in over 60 countries worldwide and is a market leader in over 30 of them. There are over 3.5 million people worldwide - men and women - who sell Natural Swedish cosmetics 'friend to friend' - Oriflame's original concept. So in answer to your question - has Oriflame changed?....It just got bigger and better!

Q My mum used to use Oriflame. Surely it's a bit dated for me?

A  Oriflame is a very 'now' product - no matter what your age! There is something for everyone and every product is low-allergy, not tested on animals and developed with 'the best of nature and the best of science '. In fact, apart from our best loved and recognised Tender Care, I think your mum would be hard pushed to recognise the new Oriflame! Not sure what age you are, but check out the Optimals Skin care and the Oriflame Beauty ranges. Both from age 20 up.

Q  I own and run a beauty salon. I've never seen Oriflame at any of the Trade Fairs I've been to or in the shops. Why? Some of my clients have mentioned that they use and like Oriflame.


 Oriflame is a Direct Selling company. They don't sell in shops and it would be unusual if they were at a Trade Fair. Being a Direct Selling company means that there is no middle-man involved and no shop overheads - all of which keeps the price down.They only sell to Independant Consultants - like us! It's great. Not only do they supply a high quality, low-allergy product at a very reasonable price to the customer, their discount level to their registered, independant consultants worldwide, comes with a great backup system and earning opportunity for those who want to go further. As for your customers, why not start using Oriflame in your salon? Beauty salons are the only place where Oriflame can be 'sold' and will give you a great return with no outlay. For further details contact our Customer Help Desk  or call freephone 0800 0474 065

Q  I live in Spain and can't find an Oriflame consultant and my Spanish isn't very good. Help!

A. You can order from us and we will send your Oriflame products out to you. Or..... why not register with our Spanish ex-pat team and order products direct and earn some spare cash at the same time (and cheaper postage charges!). Don't worry, you will have access to Oriflame in English and it even helps your Spanish! There are a lot of people out there just like you. Check out the Discount tab - Regular User.


Q  I use soap and water. My mother and her mother used soap and water. Tell me why I shouldn't!

A  I used to hear it all in the days when Oriflame was specifically a Party Plan company - 'My granny never used anything but carbolic soap and brillo pads! She had a lovely skin.' Really? My granny had a clear complexion but wrinkles....! She didn't have to cope with pollution, central heating, air-con in cars, damage to the ozone layer etc. etc. My mother benefitted from Oriflame - she made sure she did! Using a good skin care routine will help delay the signs of aging by up to 15 years - your beauty insurance policy - and for less than the price of a daily newspaper too! With pressure on us all to look good for much longer than once was.... the choice is yours. If you really feel you have to wash your face, then use a facial wash cleanser. Always use a night cream and daily moisturiser. You'll see a real difference in less than a month. Oh.... and would you wash your best leather (skin!) handbag in soap and water?

Q  I have eczema, can  I use Oriflame?

A  So do I - it's not fun is it? I struggled for years to find a product that would suit and stop the very visible signs and symptoms. Oriflame was, and still is, a joy. Not only do I  no longer, have any  eczema on my face and very few flare-ups elsewhere (I've had eczema since I was born), my exceedingly dry skin is well under control. All Oriflame products are suitable for sensitive skins. The products are all dermatologically tested on only human volunteers (always have been).  In fact, the consultant Dermatologist in a leading Scottish hospital was so impressed with the results he saw in his Oriflame patients, that he started sending his other patients to us! There is a huge range of skin care, body care and make-up. Within these ranges, I am sure we will find products which will benefit you. Check out the Oriflame Beauty All-over Make-up Remover (code 22860 £5.95) - I find it is great to sooth ' the itches', and  I find that I can use most Oriflame products.

Q  Why should I use a Toner? Surely water would be just as good.

A  Ever wondered why, when you have a bath, you don't absorb 2 stone weight in water? It's because your skin is waterproof. The only places that will absorb water are the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet - remember the  whitish, wrinkly crinkles? As well as conditioning the tone of your skin, Toner acts like a solvent to remove the last traces of  cleanser, scrub or face mask from your skin. Not using a toner is comparable to shampooing your hair and not rinsing out the shampoo before you condition.

Q  I'm nearly 60 years of age. Is it too late?

A  You're in luck! Skin renews itself roughly every 28 days - you can always improve it. If you picked a twig in Springtime when all the leaves are fresh and green and put the twig in glycerin, it would stay that way. If you waited until Autumn, when the leaves are brown and dry and powdery and put the twig into glycerin then, you would find that the twig absorbed the glycerin and the leaves would become soft and silky. That is what happens with your own skin......It's never too late to start

Q  My husband has developed really bad wrinkles at the side of his eyes, what should he use? Can he get rid of them?

A  He can certainly help soften them and lessen the depth of them. Eye Balm in the Mancare skin care section or the Ecollagen Eye Cream  will both help. There does come a time when laughter lines get a bit more than that, isn't there?

Q  I get spots - is Pure Skin for me?

A  You don't specify your age, so I'll tell you who should and shouldn't use Pure Skin.

Teenage boys and girls who get a lot of pimples or who have acne should use the whole range - NO SOAP AND WATER. Pure Skin will protect the natural pH (acidity) level of the skin. Soap and water strips this away leaving the skin open to infection. - More spots! 
The same goes for maturer men and women  with very oily skin, acne or a lot of spots.

If you only get the occassional spot or blemish then this is not the range for you. However, along with your normal Oriflame skin care, you can use the Pure Skin Spot Treatment Gel when you need it.

If you have a question about skin care, suitable products or any other querie, please email it to



Q  I use Clarins and have done for years. I fancy a change but don't know what to buy.

A  There are a lot of good products out there in the marketplace and it is both confusing and a little bit scary to change something you've been happy with. Personally, if you are happy with the quality of your usual product, I would use the Royal Velvet range. It is our 'top of the range' skin care with infused with Black Iris to promote a youthful complexion and protect against aging. You might like to experiment with the outrageously luxurious Diamond Cellular range and I love the Time Reversing range while Denise and Gill (who aren't old enough for it yet!) swear by the Ecollagen 3D+ range. Remember that all Oriflame products carry a 3-month guarantee, so if what you choose doesn't suit, you can exchange it or have a refund (less p&p)..

Q  What age should I start my daughter using skin care? She's only 11 but has started getting spots.

A  In Sweden, home of Oriflame Cosmetics, they start girls off on skin care at age 10! It shows! She will just need something easy to follow - the Organics are good. The Pure Skin Spot Treatment Gel will heal them and boost her confidence. Good for boys too.

Q  A girl at work was using this fantastic Oriflame mascara - it had an unusual, non-brush applicator but her eyelashes looked great.

A  100% certain this was the Oriflame Wonderlash mascara ... and yes, you're right, it is great. (Make-up /Oriflame Beauty/Eyes)

Q  I want to send a gift to my friend. Do you gift wrap and deliver?

A  Yes we do. Just let us know what you would like to order for her/him or how much you would like to spend. We will do the rest. Gift bag and card with your wording. Delivered straight to their door. There is a £1.50 charge for this service. Make sure you give us at least 6 working days notice. Email our Customer Help Desk at or text or call us on 0800 0474 065. Stuck for ideas? Key in 'gift' on the search panel.

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