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Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Top Ten Oriflame Products Number 3

Posted on 6/14/2012 by SuperUser Account in Top Ten Countdown Body care Personal and Hair Care

I'm in a panic and that proves that it's an addiction! I've nearly run out. What a disaster. What is it? ..Well it's my number 3 favourite product - Time Reversing Body Balm

Firstly, let me tell you that I haven't written for the last week or so as I have been sunning in Spain in beautiful weather. It has  certainly beaten rainy UK. One of my 'worked for' goals acheived thanks to Oriflame.Thank you for waiting.

And now to my Body Balm. I have been using it since it was first launched a couple of years ago. Initially I thought that as it was new and the Time Reversing range is so good for my (maturer!) skin, I would just give it a try so that I could tell people about it. Now, it's not Oriflame's cheapest Body Cream - in fact it is one of the most expensive body creams that they sell - and there is a huge range of body creams and body lotions - all excellent. However, before the end of that very first tub, I was hooked.  As the years have  progressed and although I use Skin Care religously, I don't think that I had really looked at the skin on the other bits! Until, that is, I started using the Time Reversing Body Balm. My skin is firmer, tighter and so much smoother. It is lightweight, non-greasy, easily absorbed and hydrating. What's more to the point, my customers, who have also started using it, return again and again for more. Addiction? - or just excellent results!

1 December 2012 - Disappointingly discontinued!

Price £14.95 code 14740

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