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Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Top Ten Oriflame Products Number 2

Posted on 6/19/2012 by SuperUser Account in Top Ten Countdown Make-up

An artist starts with a blank canvas and that is where no. 2 on my blog starts too

To achieve a flawless make-up, we have to blank out any imperfections on our face -high colour, any scarring, spots, uneven skin tones etc. This is what our foundation is for. It can be very light in coverage or, if we prefer, a little heavier. Oriflame do many foundations but my favourite, 'can't live without',  'daren't be seen outside without ' is Giordani Gold Age Defying  Foundation. It comes in five shades. I use Light Ivory (yes - you guessed right - I am blond!) It has light refelcting pigments which basically means that it hides wrinkles and fine lines by reflecting the light away from them! The  coverage is light to medium and you wouldn't even know that it is on your face as the texture is so light but what a beautiful , even base it provides before you start painting the picture that is 'your' make-up.

An important addition I must make to this though, is that for years, ever since I first came across Oriflame, I have added a drop of what was originally called Romantic Pearl to my foundation. This product (which has just been re-released as Giordani Gold Tinted Moisturiser code 23667 £13.95) gives a translucent finish with pearly highlights to your skin. It can be used alone,  but when a drop or two is mixed with your favourite Oriflame foundation, you skin looks  so alive and radiant. You will never want to be without it (thousands of women will tell you so)

As I think I have said earlier, the closest luxury make-up range to Oriflame Giordani Gold that I personally can find, is Chanel - but it is not at those prices! However, I do love wearing luxury ) make-up. After all, as women, we deserve to. As the ad says - we're worth it!

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