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Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Top Ten Oriflame Products Number 7

Posted on 5/3/2012 by SuperUser Account in Top Ten Countdown Perfumes

By Marcel Eau de Parfum - this is a fairly new Oriflame fragrance but I really like it... I feel great when I wear it. (My darling loves the scent when I wear it too!)

Created by internationally acclaimed fashion designer French - Swedish Marcel Marongui, this is an excting addition to Oriflame's fragrance collection. It perfectly combines Scandinavian minimalism with French elegance. The packaging is an inspiration of modern glamour while the fragrance is enticingly sophistcated.

  • Rock rose
  • Turkish rose
  • Sensual but subtle suede drydown
  • 50ml

Beautiful 'this is now' gift

Price: £27.95   

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